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Vehicle Required

Coach Hire Leeds

Any transport company that is great has gone all the extra miles to see itself at the top, and this has not been without the input of its customers. So Coach Hire Leeds been one of the leading transport companies in not only Leeds but also in the Great Britain attributes its success to the hard work its personnel and management has done and the great input that it has received from its customers. Perhaps you are asking how customers have contributed to our success.

Leeds Coach Hire

It is through their feedback positive or negative. The positive feedback that we have gotten from our happy clients has motivated us to continue looking for new and better ways of handling their transport needs, and this has helped us in climbing the ladder. The negative feedback that some customers though few have given us has helped us see some holes in our services that we could not see and it has helped us to seal them because of course we would not if we hadn't known.

Therefore as you plan to hire a coach with us to take you to wherever you are heading just know that you will be going with a company that loves its customers. Also be aware that you will be travelling with a company that has done and will continue to do all that is within its ability to give you satisfactory services.

Large Group Travel

Coaches are a perfect means of transport when you have a large group of individuals that you want to carry and the minimum capacity coach ferries about 25 people. Therefore if your team is composed of 25 persons or more, a coach is the best choice of transport. Just call and one of our friendly professional representatives will talk to you and will help you make reservations.

The coaches that we have to differ in size and class. Some coaches are small (like we have stated above), and others are big with a capacity to ferry more than 60 people in one go. Concerning class, some are of the luxury class(which are ideal if you want to impress or just want to feel a luxury travel), the executive class and the standard class(which is economical though not far dissimilar from the other coaches).So despite the type of a coach you want or size, we will take care of your needs. Head directly to our online tool for booking, and you will be sure to travel with Leeds finest and most sort for transport company.

Vehicles In Excellent Condition

All coaches at Coach Hire Leads are maintained perfectly by a team of car experts and engineers. We would not want you to experience breakdowns on the way which can cause you discomforts and so before we advertise ant coach ready for hire we make sure it is up to standard. So if you had fears of hiring because probably you have ever hired a vehicle with another transport company and you ended up being disappointed, you could now have peace of mind. Even if you hire on short notice, you will get a coach that is in the best conditions.

Want to hire now? Do so. Making reservations in advance saves you time and hassles that accompany last minute preparations.

Minibus Hire with Driver

We have minibuses of all categories and seater capacities so that we can cater for the rapidly growing demand for small size vehicles in Leeds. Leeds is a highly populated city with a population of approximately 715 404, and so the demand for smaller sized vehicles is very high. Our aim is to always be in a position to offer a minibus or minibuses to clients all the time, and that's why we have acquired many of them.

No journey is sweet when the vehicle you are travelling in is not comfortable, is not of high quality and is driven by a driver who is incompetent and careless on the road, right? True. Of course, I would expect you to say no because reckless and careless driving in addition to a poor quality vehicle would mean a more than worse experience in your entire trip.

Minibuses With Extra Features

All Coach, Hire Leeds minibuses, have been fitted with the modern car on board facilities that you would love to have in a minibus and these are Comfortable recliner leather seats that have seat belts for safety and enough leg room for your foot relaxation. These are designed to give you maximum comfort, and I assure you if you hire a minibus with us, you will not have back pains no matter how long the journey is going to be.

Our minibuses have the most modern entertainment systems fitted in them for your enjoyment. These comprise of DVDs and CDs, PA and audio systems. When you are travelling, you will have the freedom to listen to whatever you want.

Focus On Comfort

How would you feel if you were served your favourite drink when it's cold on your journey when the weather is very hot like in summer? You would feel beautiful. That's what we will do to you if you choose to travel with us to your choice destination. Our minibuses have fridges, and we have stocked them fully with various types of drinks all for you. Besides that, the vehicles are well ventilated with air conditioners and even if it's summer time you can be sure of comfort your entire journey.

Also when the weather is cold like in winter, we do not worry as we know our passengers are in their best comfort when on board our minibuses. Why? The minibuses we have acquired have besides ventilators overhead heating systems to keep you warm. That is why we are sure no matter the conditions outside you will always have an enjoyable trip when you choose to hire with us.

Apart from the amenities we have discussed above, other facilities include large cargo storage facilities, power sockets, and free Wi-Fi. That means you can surf in your entire trip without having to incur additional costs and without your phone or tablet going off (of course if you walk along with your charging cable). You can use our removal vans to help you move house as well where required.

Easy To Book Minibuses

Our booking procedure is very easy. Visit our website to quote your order, and we will make sure you reach where you want to head to in style, safely and in comfort. You can also call or email us using the contact information supplied on our official online site, and we will make the bookings on your behalf. There is no need for you to waste more time looking for another travel partner that can take care of your needs the way you want. We are here.

Our Leeds Services

We operate in Leeds, its surrounding areas and beyond. Our services are coach hire and minibus hire services each of which is distinct and compromises of various size and seater capacity vehicles. In these services, we have been able to cater for the transport needs of a great percentage of people and Leeds, and we continue to expand day by day. Now, perhaps you are interested in knowing what each category service we have mentioned above comprises of. Here is a summary of what each service features:

The coach hire service is composed of coaches, and these are large capacity vehicles that have the ability to ferry a large group of individuals all in one go. The coaches are of various sizes some are small seater capability while others have large seater capacities. These vehicles also differ when it comes to class. Some are executive, others are the luxury, and yet others are standard. All these differences are necessary to make sure we can cater for the transportation needs of all types of groups (those who have a lot to spend, those who are operating on a tight budget and all sizes of groups).

Extensive Coach & Minibus Services

On the other hand, we have the minibus hire services. It is composed of different size minibuses, and these are vehicles that have been perfectly crafted to cater for small group movement requirements. So whenever you have a small team movement need, don't bother yourself much wondering what kind of a vehicle you can move with. Just be calling and we will always provide a minibus that can adequately accommodate all of your team members.

Organising Vehicles For All Clients

Leeds has been a city receives many visitors in a year, and we have the privilege of being one of the best guest travel companies. Travellers from all over the globe contact us for an arrangement to be made for them to be picked at airports and railway stations and we are proud to have always been able to do that. We organise for a minibus or coach (the size of a vehicle that is ideal for them) and at the time they are arriving they find our drivers waiting for them. Therefore if you and your group will be travelling to leads either for an annual company meeting or conference and it's your first time don't worry about how you are going to move to your event venue. Just talk to us (using the telephone numbers we have provided on our elaborately designed website and we will organise for your pick up.

Reliable & Punctual Drivers

Our drivers are punctual, and they are people you can count on whenever you want to move from one area to another. You will find them waiting for you at the station or airport immediately you arrive, and even if you don't know the place you will be heading to (being your first time) you will have nothing to worry about. The drivers we have hired are locals of Leeds, and so they know all the routes in leads and will take you to the doorstep of where you want to be. They will also suggest you places you can get accommodation if at all it's not provided by your hosts and will be ready to take you to those locations.

Luxury Travel Onboard

Every facility you want to have in a vehicle, you will get it in all our executive minibuses and coaches. Be it comfortable reclining leather seats, be it state of the art entertainment units, be if ample storage facilities, be it climate controls or fridges fully stocked with various soft drinks you will get all of that in all Coach Hire vehicles. We make sure when purchasing a vehicle it has all those facilities because we want you to enjoy the finest of the car on board amenities when you are travelling with us.

Do you want to hire right away? Coach Hire Leeds has won the hearts of many when it comes to affordable and amazing travel services. Therefore when hiring with us just know that you will get the best services. With that said, you can head directly to our online booking platform to make your reservation, or you can call we will make the reservations on your behalf.

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