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Coach Hire Leeds

School Coach Hire Leeds

School Coach Hire Leeds

Coach Hire Leeds have been offering school coach hire services to both schools and colleges in Leeds and the neighbouring cities for many years. Our experience has helped us to learn the various challenges involved in offering professional transport services for educational reasons and academic community. However, we considered this experience as important when it comes to understanding special care required for the responsible task of transporting young school children and young people who are still in colleges.

Traveling for academic reasons such as academic trips, transporting children to various co-curricular activities events such as games and sports is important to the learners. Such journeys need to be timely and safe. At Coach Hire Leeds, we guarantee that your travel plans will be effectively implemented: Our drivers will ensure that you and to your pupils will reach your desired destination safely and according to your traveling schedule. We understand that's cool activities follow strict time schedules and we are ready to make sure that no time wasted.

Why us?

Passenger safety is a priority

Passenger safety is our top priority when it comes to offering transport services to colleges and schools in Leeds City. For that reason, we always make sure that all our vehicles comply with the strict standards set by the road authorities in the city. We have also installed robust seatbelts to make sure that pupils (especially the young children) can fasten themselves effectively onto the seat.

Using the GPS track system we can truck and know the progress of each journey that's our school coaches make. Thus, we can account for every move the pupils make especially when traveling in our coaches. Whenever something like a vehicle breakdown happens, it will be easier for us to send immediate help and make sure that the students time isn't wasted at all.

One stop shop

As a transport company, our experience in the group travel as help us to know what is required for school transport services. We offer day-trip services as possible school coach hire services. Thus, we can make arrangements for you and your students to get entry trade fairs and exhibitions, museums, theaters, and more. If you are planning to take the children out for a sports trip, we can help you to get to the right stadiums at an affordable cost. It is a study trip, we will avail a driver who understands various places that children and other people in colleges can visit to study history, geography, and other subjects.
At Coach Hire Leeds, we have different coaches of different seating capacities and depending on the number of children or learners you are transporting, you can hire a minibus or a coach depending on what satisfies your travel requirements.

For excellent study trips, sports trips, and even children outs and picnics, contact Coach Hire Leeds.

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